Eager to get started on your wealth building journey, but being held back by: 

  •  Not Enough Funds to Invest
  •  Lack of Opportunities 
  •  Fear of Getting in "Over Your Head"

WE UNDERSTAND. These are some of the biggest sticking points for both new (and experienced) investors alike. Join us April 12th at 6:30PM as we share a few unconventional investment opportunities to take advantage of besides the more traditional Buy & Hold and Fix & Flip strategies. Real estate investing is not "one size fits all". If you've been held back from taking that first step, let us help you explore these lower cost and not-so-obvious strategies.

What you will learn:  

  • Tiny Home Developments and Their Not-So-Tiny Returns 
  • Out-of-State Investing (Cash Flowing Properties for as little as $50K!)
  • House-Hacking Your Way to a Mortgage Payment - Free Lifestyle

Our night will include expert speakers, a Q&A panel discussion to answer all your lingering concerns and valuable networking opportunities to meet and share experiences with other investors. If you're ready to create your action plan for jumping in THIS YEAR, click below and we'll save you a seat!